Frequently asked questions

On every locker, you will find a QR code, which takes you to the booking/checkout page of that specific locker on the web application. It will also take you to your running session if you have currently booked that locker, or it will take you to your upcoming reservation if present.

To scan the QR code, please use the default camera app of your smartphone or download a trusted 3rd party app from the app store. In the latter case, make sure that the QR code scanner app opens your default web browser and does not use an internal web browser, otherwise a login in via Google and co. will not work.

If you cannot scan the QR code, you may reach the same booking/checkout page by selecting the desired locker on the map.

There are two approaches to start an instant booking: Via QR code or via map page. Both take you to the instant booking page of the desired locker.

1. Via QR code:
Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the locker. This will take you directly to the instant booking page.

2. Via map page:
Click on "Map" in the menu, then select "Instant Mode" and find the location where you currently are. Select the locker system and finally the desired locker, which will take you to the instant booking page.

On the booking page, please read the information carefully and select a date and time until when your booking shall last. Alternatively, you can use the "Quickselect" options if present. Keep in mind that stopping your process late can cause overtime fees. Finally click the "Book & Lock" button and confirm to start.

To reserve a locker, you must visit the map page. You currently cannot use the QR code to reserve.

Click on "Map" in the menu and then select "Reservation Mode" which will bring up a date picker popup. First select the date and time for when your reservation shall start (green), followed by the date and time until when the reservation shall last (red). The map will then refresh and show the state of all locker systems for that specific time. Then proceed as on instant bookings: Find the location where you would like to reserve, select a locker system and finally click on a free locker, which will take you to the reservation booking page.

On the booking page, please read the information carefully and click on the "Reserve" button to confirm your reservation. If needed, you may change the reservation time by clicking on "Edit Time".